Meet Deonn

Folks, I’m an avid birder, and advocate for native species gardening. I like growing food, planting trees, and hanging out with surly felines.

I love the waters and the wilds.

I enjoy ye olde ways, and the deep magic, and spend a great deal of time chatting with Land and Local Spirits. Somewhat of a socially inept buffoon, I counter this with a good sense of humor, and keen insight.

My goal is to offer you personalized, informed, intuitive, & validating guidance. Sorcery, witchcraft, and magic work well when given the proper pathways. Goals, action plans, plausible options: this is what we highlight and enhance during sessions. We make a plan, and pave the way for better and more desirable outcomes. Let’s pluck the lines of fate until they vibrate in a more pleasing manner.

During this unique process, we eradicate blockages, rewire limiting beliefs, and restructure foundations for long term sustainable success. There will be ritual. There will be divination. There will be land spirits.

Book a one on one service, try out a community ritual, or commit to a monthly package, and together we’ll co create a supportive experience to better align you with your best life.

I began practicing folk magic as a pre teen, as one does, and my interest in it has never waned.

A sorcerer and cartomancer by trade, I mostly deal in spellwork, divination, witchcraft, and ritual. I like to help folks feel a little better, have more peace and ease in their lives, and be able to connect with others in ways that feel safe and supportive.

I started officially taking classes of the new age variety as a teen, and my earliest formal education was rooted in esoteric mysticism. It’s all good though. I spent most of my thirties unpacking all the problematic horseshit clownfuckery I learned in my twenties.

Now that I’ve been a practitioner for over twenty years I genuinely love community magic, and group divination. Why? Because it’s a delight to take up space together, and it gives me an appropriate reason to discuss witchery and sorcery at great length. Not everybody has the privilege to ramble on about their earliest passions out there in the wild, so I’m pretty pleased this whole career in magic thing panned out.

Witchcraft, magic, and sorcery can be shared in ways that are nourishing, accessible, and sustainable. I am committed to contributing ethical enchantments as a form of rebellion against a culture that does not provide equal access to all. I believe that magic can be used as a tool to level an uneven playing field, and part of the goal of my craft is seeking equity for myself and others. I do not believe the success of one is only achievable through the extraction of labor, and/ or removing the possibility of success for others.

Systems CAN exist in balance. We can feed and be fed. My spellwork is ever in contract with those beliefs.

Deonn Venture

Magically Covered


Receive one on one support that is validating and thorough.


We redistribute ten percent of all monthly earnings directly to individuals & community aid.


Blending traditional folk magic, personal gnosis, astrology, divination, and metaphysical healing techniques to determine the most favorable outcomes, and create actionable goals.


Extend the threads of your tapestry to include other like minded individuals in our community offerings.


Dedicated to furthering my ongoing studies in sorcery, I take numerous classes to deepen my skill set yearly.


At Mangrove Crossroads we aim for accessibility. Sorcery and magic should be available to all. Our sliding scale pricing on community work keeps ritual work available to a wide range of people.

The Very Best in Modern Folk Magic

“I look forward to every session.

Deonn’s divinations are spot on and so helpful. I worked with them to connect with some of my recent ancestors, and it was the most powerful ancestor connection work I’ve done.

The community ritual and divinations are my favorite because I learn so much, and can really feel the power of the group. I’m so grateful for Deonn.”

E. T.

Happy clients

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