Love Spells

Looking for love in all the wrong places?

sweeten your life

Seeking romance? Looking to permeate your life with abundant and radiant self love? Longing to ignite flames of passion, affection, and deep emotional connections between yourself and others?

Attract and foster profound bonds. Get the glow. Enhance and cultivate friendships and partnerships by weaving a sweetening web of love spells that captivates, enchants, and enthralls.

In addition to romance, partners, pairings, and the spectrum of possibilities in between, love spells subsequently have a wonderful effect upon drawing in healthy friendships, and attracting suitable community.

This session features:

  • 1×60 minute customizable divination & assessment. This is a tarot reading for love, and all the magic that love creates.
  • 1×180 (up to) minute phone call in which additional inquiries can be made.
  • 1×120 (up to) minute ritual work session. Let’s work love magic together!

Financial Investment: $600

What to expect

What to expect…

Assessment Divination

We navigate outcomes, and explore possible options.

Custom Sorcery

Ritual magic applied liberally to enhance outcomes and improve the probability of sucess.

Action Plan & Follow Up Support

Expect validation, and suggestions for actionable changes to implement into your life.

Do Love Spells Work?

How to get witchcraft to work for you…

How do we get sorcery and magic to work for us?

Magic + an action plan + short & long term goals = growth from root to bud in your real life. Sorcery requires connections & outlets, and the best spells acknowledge the balance between probability, possibility, and blind-ass-wildly-amazing luck.

Let’s explore probability and possibility together. Allow love magic to draw sweetness in all its many forms into your life.

Intimate and Gentle Magic

“The care and beauty you put into ritual is breathtaking. You have been a blessing to me. “

R. D.

Individual Witchery & Community Rituals

At Mangrove Crossroads we navigate probable outcomes in order to enchant the most favorable futures. Wade into an assortment of luscious and intricately designed rituals intended to enrich and enhance your best life. In both individual and community magic, we use experimental, traditional folk magic, and established sorcery practices to create a unique experience only found at Mangrove Crossroads

Tarot & Divination

Ask questions about love, money, career, family, the past and the future.

tarot reading for love

Hearth Charms

Home spells keep your beloved home feeling blessed, peaceful, and secure.

hearth spells and home blessings a fireplace in a magical room

Money Drawing, Wealth Magic, & Prosperity Spells.

Are you seeking money spells that work? Prosperity magic focuses on wealth, abundance, and finances. Money drawing doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s create wealth together.

money drawing spells

Magically Covered


Receive one on one support that is validating and thorough.


We redistribute ten percent of all monthly earnings directly to individuals & community aid.


Blending traditional folk magic, personal gnosis, astrology, divination, and metaphysical healing techniques to determine the most favorable outcomes, and create actionable goals.


Extend the threads of your tapestry to include other like minded individuals in our community offerings.


Dedicated to furthering my ongoing studies in sorcery, I take numerous classes to deepen my skill set yearly.


At Mangrove Crossroads we aim for accessibility. Sorcery and magic should be available to all. Our sliding scale pricing on community work keeps ritual work available to a wide range of people.

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Are you a fan of divination?

General Group Divinations are sent out to all subscribers twice a month.

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