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Mercury Retrograde

Need to make Mercury retrograde better?

Is the upcoming Mercury retrograde season stressing you out already?

Another month, another Mercury retrograde threatening to round up the remaining remnants of our sanity.

But. Does it have to be this way? Must we cower reluctantly, wringing our hands at the heavens, ruminating on our regrets, and regrettably reprimanding the universe for inflicting yet another retrograde season upon us?

Mercury is the silver tongued messenger beloved by merchants, and thieves, and his retrograde message needn’t be an unpleasant one.

Regulate that retrograde. No need to fear. We have a spell for that.

April 1st – April 24th

August 4th – August 27th

Sliding Scale : $33 – $3333

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Why is Retrograde Bad?

What does Mercury in retrograde mean?

Mercury retrograde: feared so much that it’s become an integral part of American culture. But what is it, and why should we care?


Mercury retrograde happens three or four times a year, and is the optical illusion of backwards movement of the planet Mercury across the night sky. As Mercury rules over communication, has a hand in business matters and finance, and also effects technology, Mercury retrograde can cause break downs in our relationships, at work, and with our technology, and mechanical items.

But. It isn’t all bad.

Mercury retrograde is an opportune time to reassess, review, revive, renew, and release. What works in your life, and what doesn’t? Letting go during a retrograde provides a springboard for new growth when the stars line up again and Mercury goes direct.

This in depth community magic offers you the support, luck, and guidance you need to improve your relationship with retrogrades.

Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You

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Mercury Retrograde Rituals take place on Fridays at 8:30pm Eastern. Live ritual video occurs in a private facebook group, with clips and photos of the ritual posted afterwards.

Mercury Retrograde Ritual includes:

  • Inclusion in ongoing anointed community seven day candles throughout the beginning and end of Mercury retrograde. Candles are lit daily to create a thread of continuous magical support.
  • Participation in one live Mercury Retrograde ritual, complete with luck magic, offerings to Mercury, and support magic to create an easier retrograde season.
  • Optional participation in one live group divination the Saturday following ritual at 7:15pm Eastern. Divinations are never recorded.

Live participation is encouraged, but not necessary. All participants are included in the ritual magic: both the ritual process, and the community seven day candles.

Sliding Scale : $33 – $3333

Why Use A Sliding Scale?

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Our Community Sliding Scale

I utilize a sliding scale for all community (group) work. Why? I would like my work to remain accessible to folks in an assortment of income brackets. The base price tier on the low end of the sliding scale is for folks that do not have the financial security and privileges of those at the higher end of the scale. When you sign up for a ritual, you are agreeing not to misrepresent your finances, and you are agreeing not to take advantage of my labor. Check out the Green Bottle image below if you are unsure as to where you fall on a sliding scale. Click the image to read a much more in depth explanation of sliding scales written by Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

I was introduced to the Green Bottle sliding scale method by a talented sorcerous by the name of Bunny Morgan-Brown. For the best suggestions on wealth redistribution, and ethical prosperity under the gloomy storm cloud of late stage capitalism, check out their work.

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Individual & Community Sorcery

At Mangrove Crossroads we navigate probable outcomes in order to enchant the most favorable futures. Wade into an assortment of luscious and intricately designed rituals intended to enrich and enhance your best life.

Community Rituals

Have spellwork done for you, learn witchcraft, and dabble in divination in our community spells. Magic done with and for you.

Divination altar table with tarot cards and candles

Hearth Charms

Bless and protect your home with folk magic, and beloved intentions.

Teapot divination and magic

Love Incantations

Get the glow. Indulge in self love, and attract excellent partners, or enhance the romance with a current partner.

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Magically Covered


Receive one on one support that is validating and thorough.


We redistribute ten percent of all monthly earnings directly to individuals & community aid.


Blending traditional folk magic, personal gnosis, astrology, divination, and metaphysical healing techniques to determine the most favorable outcomes, and create actionable goals.


Extend the threads of your tapestry to include other like minded individuals in our community offerings.


Dedicated to furthering my ongoing studies in sorcery, I take numerous classes to deepen my skill set yearly.


At Mangrove Crossroads we aim for accessibility. Sorcery and magic should be available to all. Our sliding scale pricing on community work keeps ritual work available to a wide range of people.

Personalized Sorcery That Nourishes & Supports

“Thank you so much for this. It’s such a beautiful altar. Thank you so much for the how tos you give in your videos, it makes it seem so simple and accessible to be able to join in, which I struggle to do usually, because I overcomplicate things, which then makes me think I’m not skilled enough to do it! THANK YOU. You’ve got a really wonderful skill of making magic practice accessible so newbies can enter. I appreciate that, and I appreciate you. I don’t feel ashamed that I don’t intuitively just know how to do these things, because well, here is how you do it.”

R. W.

A joyful black woman giving a positive testimonial.

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