Familiars, Fae, & Spirits

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connect with land, local, and nature spirits…

Spirits & Otherlanders

Is it a familiar that you seek? Have you been in contact with a local spirit, and wish to strengthen communication? Interested in cultivating positive relationships with nature beings & land spirits, so that you can add to and strengthen your personal practice?

These sessions feature:

  • 1×60 minute customizable divination & assessment.
  • 1×180 (up to) minute phone call in which additional inquiries can be made.
  • 1×120 (up to) minute ritual work session.

Familiars, Fae, Local Spirits & Hauntings : $600

Familiars & Guides

Are you seeking a familiar or an alliance with a guide? Do you have a connection with an animal or pet that requires assistance?

Attract appropriate allies, and nurture the bonds between witch and familiar, or sorcerer and spirit.

Maintain healthy and supportive connections with the animal companions in your life.

Land Spirits & Fae

Feeding land and local spirits is a major part of my practice. Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with spirits of land & place is a good thing. Feed & nurture the roots of the places where you live.

In a land and nature spirit session, get connected locally. Activate relationships with nature beings residing in your area. Get cozy with the spirit of the land.

Local Spirits

& Hauntings

Is there a Being dwelling in your place of residence or on your property that you wish to get in touch with? This session is for communication with spirits that have already created a connection with you, be it pleasant or unpleasant.

Depending on divination & connection, a spirit session may sometimes result in the necessary removal of the spirit, but often times simpler actions soothe restless dead.

Learn to connect, communicate, and foster excellent relationships with your local spirits.

What to expect

What to expect…

Assessment Divination

We navigate outcomes, and explore possible options.

Custom Sorcery

Ritual magic applied liberally to enhance outcomes and improve the probability of sucess.

Action Plan & Follow Up Support

Expect validation, and suggestions for actionable changes to implement into your life.

Personalized Sorcery That Nourishes & Supports

“I have lived here for fifteenish years, and felt constantly disconnected to the land, and like a stranger in this land. I struggled to meet local community.

The first session helped me feel more connected to the land. New networks and more local opportunities are showing up.

Very grateful for this work.”

A. K.

Individual Witchery & Community Rituals

At Mangrove Crossroads we navigate probable outcomes in order to enchant the most favorable futures. Wade into an assortment of luscious and intricately designed rituals intended to enrich and enhance your best life. In both individual and community magic, we use experimental, traditional folk magic, and established sorcery practices to create a unique experience only found at Mangrove Crossroads

Hearth Charms

Home blessings, protective spells, and prosperity work to keep your home feeling content and safe.

home blessings and hearth spells fireplace in a magical room

Ritual Magic

Uncrossing, Transmutation, Cord Burning, and Ancestral Rituals

healing magic & healing spells magical potion bottles on a table with candles

Crossroads Club

Twice a month rituals to enchant your life.

legal and court magic

Magically Covered


Receive one on one support that is validating and thorough.


We redistribute ten percent of all monthly earnings directly to individuals & community aid.


Blending traditional folk magic, personal gnosis, astrology, divination, and metaphysical healing techniques to determine the most favorable outcomes, and create actionable goals.


Extend the threads of your tapestry to include other like minded individuals in our community offerings.


Dedicated to furthering my ongoing studies in sorcery, I take numerous classes to deepen my skill set yearly.


At Mangrove Crossroads we aim for accessibility. Sorcery and magic should be available to all. Our sliding scale pricing on community work keeps ritual work available to a wide range of people.

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Are you a fan of divination?

General Group Divinations are sent out to all subscribers twice a month.

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