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Divination sessions may be completed with tarot, oracle cards, or via conchomancy. Conchomancy is divination performed with seashells, and found objects gathered from numerous beaches where I live.

This session features:

  • Up to 90 minute divination session via phone call or DMs, zoom calls upon special request.

Financial Investment: $375

three tarot cards on an altar table with a dark blue damask table cloth and four lit candles

Divination possibilities:

  • Finding an answer to a question.
  • Gathering information about new people in your life.
  • Examining possible outcomes during a difficult situation.
  • Determining pros and cons of job and career options.
  • Seeking validation, closure, and healing on past events.
  • Contacting ancestors and guides for advice and connection.
A table with tarot cards and candles on it.

Tarot & Me

I began practicing cartomancy, or the complex art of reading cards for the purposes of divination, over twenty years ago.

Naturally skilled at tarot reading, and oracle card reading, I have read cards both for myself and others every single day since I fell in love with my very first deck.

My decades of experience & daily practice, and ongoing commitment to my area of expertise ensure quality divination sessions, and satisfied clients.

What to expect

First time consulting with a witch? No problem.

  • Assessment divination is preformed prior to every session.
  • Inquiries explored.
  • Chat over the phone or via direct message: this is your choice, however, I do not record sessions.
  • Additional inquiries may be made during phone/ messaging time.
  • Brief follow up within a few days.
  • Oracle and conchomany also available.

Intuitive Divination From An Expert

“Working with Deonn is an investment in yourself and your energy, which has the potential to positively impact everyone else you interact with. Deonn brings unique talent, experience and insight to help support you wherever you are on your path. Connecting with them is a step forward.”

A. C.

Individual Witchery & Community Rituals

At Mangrove Crossroads we navigate probable outcomes in order to enchant the most favorable futures. Wade into an assortment of luscious and intricately designed rituals intended to enrich and enhance your best life. In both individual and community magic, we use experimental, traditional folk magic, and established sorcery practices to create a unique experience only found at Mangrove Crossroads

Ritual Magic & Community Spells

Learn witchcraft, and dabble in divination in our community spells. Magic done with and for you.

community divination and tarot

Money Drawing, Wealth Magic, & Prosperity Spells

Financial sorcery that addresses both short and long term abundance.

tarot for money

Love Incantations

Get the glow. Indulge in self love, and attract excellent partners, or enhance the romance with a current partner.

tarot readings for love

Magically Covered


Receive one on one support that is validating and thorough.


We redistribute ten percent of all monthly earnings directly to individuals & community aid.


Blending traditional folk magic, personal gnosis, astrology, divination, and metaphysical healing techniques to determine the most favorable outcomes, and create actionable goals.


Extend the threads of your tapestry to include other like minded individuals in our community offerings.


Dedicated to furthering my ongoing studies in sorcery, I take numerous classes to deepen my skill set yearly.


At Mangrove Crossroads we aim for accessibility. Sorcery and magic should be available to all. Our sliding scale pricing on community work keeps ritual work available to a wide range of people.

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General Group Divinations are sent out to all subscribers twice a month.

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